Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Sister, My Best Friend


My sister... My little sister. Five years younger, but with wisdom beyond her years -- she's always been one of the brightest gems in my life.

I was supposed to be an only child, and well she was a complete accident. 
Mum and Dad were stoked to have one healthy baby, and with that they were set. For five years I was doted on as the only child, grandchild, great-grandchild and niece. Of course they all wanted more, but my parents would not be convinced -- one was enough for them.
That is, until my Dad spoke those few magic words that changed everything... "If God really wanted us to have another child, then we'd have one" he said to my grandmother. And bam just like that, my sister happened. 
But I'll tell you what, she's the best 'accident' that God has ever given our family.. And I'm so glad to have her as my sister. 


My sister is the kind of person who just radiates beauty inside and out. I joke that God saved all the good genes for her, as compensation for surprising my parents with another baby. But she just smiles and shakes her head, "take a look at yourself" she tells me in a disparaging manner. 
She's always been like that. Not necessarily disregarding of herself -- but you always have to tell her something twice before she'll stop trying to encourage and uplift you, and actually take note of the compliment she was given. 
She's always found it much easier to be naturally selfless. That's something I struggled with. I was your typical child and definitely a typical teenager -- selfish, inconsiderate, attention seeking, self oriented, and completely oblivious to how my actions effected my family.
My sister though, always kind, giving, considerate, loving, caring, understanding, nurturing. That's just who she is. 
Even when I was being awful to her, she still treated me with love and consideration. She always puts other people first, and naturally has from a very young age. 
She would do everything for everyone else until she ran herself into the ground, before caring for herself. 
It's funny actually, how opposite we were. You wouldn't have even thought we were sisters, looking at us? 
But as we got older, she had to learn to be more selfish and care for herself as much as she does others. -- do somethings for herself instead of always doing it for everyone else. While I had to learn to be more selfless, considerate, kind and patient. -- things I'd like to think have developed with maturity. 

Even now that we are both adults, we are still quite different, but we have so much more in common as well. From our personality traits, to our personal attributes... But especially when we start talking or we're together. It's quite hilarious to see the faces of people we talk to together -- we speak like twins, but we look so different. It always catches them off-guard.

It's going to be strange not doing that with her much anymore. 
I said goodbye to her just this week as she left to move interstate.
I didn't want her to go. The selfish part of me wanted her to stay and go to uni here with me. I could show her the ropes as big sisters do, I could hang out with her at lunch time, and maybe even carpool. 


We'd shared a room for 13 years, we liked it that way. Our parents once tried to put us in separate rooms as kids, and we would go to sleep in the same bed anyway. It was weird enough when I left my parents house at 18, and I only ever lived 30 minutes away at most. Now, she's moved 10 hours away.... and I miss her already. 
She's my sister, but she's more than that, she's my best friend. I might be the older one -- but I don't just model to her, we model to each other. We get each other. There's a bond between us that I couldn't even explain in words. She understands me and knows me like no one else does.


I didn't want her to leave, but I do understand why she had to. So I will continue to love her and support her -- just from afar instead. I'll miss being a part of her daily life, but the distance is the only thing that has changed, and I'm not one to be hindered so easily. We may be physically apart now, but this would be the great thing about phones, internet and facebook. 
I can't wait to see what she does with this new chapter of her life, and I can't wait to see what God has planned for her over the next few years. I know she will grow and blossom phenomenally, even more so than she already has. It's hard to believe how fast time goes by, just yesterday we were playing with barbie dolls in the backyard and riding our bikes down at the creek -- and now she's all grown up and making a life for herself, away from home.

If you can't tell already, I'm pretty proud of the woman my baby sister has become, and I'm so thankful to God for sending her into our lives. We've had many adventures together growing up, but i guess now it's time for her to have some adventures on her own...

I love you sis... have a ball, live life, make mistakes, learn from them, and follow the heart I know that God has placed in you. Go out and conquer the world! 

And ah... don't do anything I wouldn't do okay? ;) xx




  1. Awww Rae you bought a tear to my eye. You wrote this so beautifully. You are both very remarkable young women and I'm so blessed and thankful I have you as one of my best friends and your lovely sister as a good friend too :). I can't wait for the many road trips to come to see your lovely sister and hopefully mine too. God bless you both xoxo

    1. Aww thanks lovely..! Yay!! First comment! :D

  2. Wow, Rae. This is absolutely gorgeous, you actually made me cry a little :') I really do love you, so much, and I can't wait to see you again when you can visit!

  3. I meant every word little sis xxo
    I can't wait to visit either, can't wait to give you a massive hug! Love you lots <3


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